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Wits End Kennels prices and other
important information


Boarding only is from 14 per day, per dog (extra-large, "guard" breeds or aggressive dogs of any type are from 16 per day. Please see full price list or phone/email for further details.


Note that it is a per day charge, not a per night charge, so you pay the day the dog comes in and the day the dog goes home regardless of time.


Boarding with training is from 27 per day depending on requirements, again see price list or phone/email for further information. Collection and delivery is from 6 each journey.


Administering medicines etc is an additional 50p - 1 per day depending on amount of time/ difficulty. A 'shampoo and blow-dry' is an optional extra on the last day at 10 - 30 depending upon the size and temperament of your dog. Ask for a quote. We ask that you pay by cheque or cash on the day of the dog's arrival to us, or cash only if you pay on the dog's departure. Latest prices and further information can be found in our flyer which you can view here.



Your dog must be up to date with primary vaccinations and boosters. We do recommend that you vaccinate against kennel cough as it is in your own and your dogs interest to do so, but we do not insist on this vaccine. Any vaccinations should be done at least a month before the dog is due in kennels.


Opening Times

If you would like to view the facilities, please book to make an appointment. As you can imagine our day is quite full, and to ensure we are not out dog walking etc we need to know when you are coming so we can be here.


Mon - Fri 9.00am - 1pm, 2pm - 5.30pm.  We are closed for lunch 1 - 2pm

Saturdays and Sundays 9.00 - 10.00am, 4.00 - 5.30pm.

Bank Hols, Dec 24th, Dec 27th - we are open 9.00 - 11.00am, 3.00 - 5.30pm, unless falling on Sat or Sun when weekend times above apply.
We are closed for visits & the collection/delivery of dogs Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day.


We do ask that you pre-book a time within those parameters for collecting / delivering your dog, to ensure we are ready for you on arrival. We do close at 5.30pm, so if your holiday booking means you will be later than that, your dog will need to stay until the following day.



When coming to the Kennels whether for Kennel Viewing or collection / deliveries, please drive through the main gates and park on the clearly marked "Car Park", closing the gates behind you. Go to RECEPTION, which is situated next to the main Car Park gates. Someone will be looking out for you and will come and find you at the time you have arranged your visit.

Need more unformation? Please call us today on 01905 821686 or email

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